Weather is Not a Disturbance

Vilnius - 12 March 2012

Such extreme climatic events as sudden frost or heat can cause a lot of problems in our daily life. They can also become a reason for temporary failures in the work of ATMs or other self-service devices.

The BS/2 company supplies equipment made by the Wincor Nixdorf corporation to the market of the Baltic states, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. In addition, the company provides certified banking equipment maintenance services that meet international standards. According to Tomas Bublys, the technical director of the company's Technical Support Department, the maximum number of all the ATMs installed and operated by the company was working even during the coldest winter days.

“We are ready for different climate changes beforehand. For example, when winter is approaching, we install additional heaters for ATMs, which prevent the hardware from “freezing.” In addition, we have warehouses for spare parts in each region. If necessary, we can promptly, less than in a 24-hour period, get the necessary part from Wincor Nixdorf,” says Bublys.

According to the specialist, the uninterrupted operation of a self-service device is influenced not only by temperature, but by the installation place as well. For example, direct sunlight can be bad for seeing the image on the screen, and an office ATM installed in a supermarket hall can freeze because of a low temperature at the facility.

“When consulting on the issues related to installing self-service devices, we take into account particular technical requirements, climatic conditions, or other environmental factors. We choose the most suitable model and the best place for it,” commented Bublys.

The ATMs supplied to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and other Central Asia countries, where temperature difference is extremely strong, are equipped with automatic adjustment systems made specially for such a climate. The ATMs delivered to such countries are often equipped with heaters, coolers, humidity controls, or special solutions, and as a result, there are no problems with ATM idle time.

BS/2 provides the Service Desk.iQ software, which is part of the .iQ business process monitoring and management product family, created specially for the financial and retail sectors to those who want to ensure more stable operation of self-service devices and to optimize control over such devices.

“We offer customers the Service Desk.iQ software, which allows to monitor the processes on self-service devices in real time and to promptly respond to possible failures such as black-outs, broken connection, peripheral hardware failures, etc. Monitored devices send messages on their status and concrete information on the nature of failures. This way, specialists can see the data on breakdowns, the system load, temperature differences (from -40ºC to +40ºC), the need of encashment, responding to it in an appropriate way or warning customers if some parameters are close to a critical threshold,” comments the director of the Technical Support Department.

The Service Desk.iQ solution also enables banks, financial institutions, and retail companies to perform intelligent technical monitoring of self-service devices remotely and to timely detect potential issues, and to take steps to prevent failures. This minimizes the downtime of self-service devices, provides stable profit, and increases customers' confidence and satisfaction with bank services.

Besides that, of great assistance may be data on climatic fluctuations and their impact on self-service devices, collected over several years, and the analysis of this data (in the form of tables, graphs, and various reports) using the Dashboard.iQ solution. Thanks to this, the banking and retail sectors, just like public utilities, energy companies, public transportation companies, may prepare for climatic events in advance.

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