Introducing Your Ultimate Banking Solution - Aqua Global's e2gen product suite

1 March 2012

To compete in today's electronic and automated marketplace, banks must seek a solution to dramatically increase the speed and efficiency with which they process and settle trades whilst reducing the risks and costs associated with trade processing.

Aqua Global's e2gen is the ultimate banking solution. e2gen is a future proofed architectural design that offers a scalable suite of modules to facilitate any future developments. e2gen's integrated product range eradicates the need for many solution providers whilst negating the added expense of multiple servers.

The e2gen product range includes integrated modules for:

• Message & Integrations
• Payments Processing
• Account Reconciliations
• Balance Reporting
• Cash Management
• Sanctions Monitoring
• Holding Reporting
• Securities Reconciliations
• Treasury Confirmation Matching
• Security Confirmation Matching

e2gen easily adapts itself to a mix of data channels by automatically matching and augmenting content flow minimising risk of human error and reducing the direct costs associated with manual processing. With its extensible plug-in approach e2gen allows new capabilities to be seamlessly plugged in as and when required without any impact to operations or support allowing you to realise a more immediate Return on Investment (ROI).

e2gen is readily available for integration with any back office solutions, including:

• Midas +
• Equation
• G3

e2gen has proven itself to be a robust and flexible system, that not only significantly improves the back-office processes but also provides business and IT users with end-to-end process visibility and comprehensive audit logs. e2gen also streamlines exception management processes from detection to resolution and reduces costs and fees associated with trade exceptions.

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