BittWare Expands Value-Add for the Fintec Market Incorporating Intilop's 76-nanosecond full TCP Offload (TOE) on their Altera Stratix V Boards

Concord, NH and New York - 20 June 2012

Combining the performance of Altera's Stratix V with Intilop's ultra-low latency TOE creates an ideal solution for the high frequency trading and financial acceleration markets

BittWare, the leader in Altera-based FPGA COTS boards, have announced at the SIFMA Tech Expo 2012 in New York City, the availability of their Altera Stratix V FPGA PCIe board integrated with Intilop's ultra-low latency 4th gen 10G nano TCP offload (TOE) and ultra-low latency Media Access Controller (MAC). The 76 ns TOE technology delivers unprecedented performance at 20 Gbps in full duplex and is 100x faster than legacy TCP/IP software. This Hyper-Accelerated FPGA Platform pegs record setting latency from 'Wire-to-User-FIFO' at an unprecedented 230 nanoseconds. With high frequency trades being executed in microseconds, the ability to minimize the delay between market data arrival and issuing the trade is key. Financial applications require ultra-low latency feed handling as well as ever-faster analysis/data correlation, while also attaining maximum performance per watt to minimize energy and thermal requirements. BittWare's S5 family of FPGA-based PCIe COTS solutions address the challenges of developing financial applications by combining the industry's highest performance FPGA - the Altera Stratix V - with 10GigE straight to the FPGA for ultra-low latency (no external PHY) and Intilop's TOE, all in a PCIe-compliant deployable slot-card.

"Our S5 family of boards is taking the financial industry by storm. Latency is the name of the game, and our S5 boards provide10 GigE straight to the FPGA for ultra-low latency without the need for an external PHY," stated Ron Huizen, BittWare Vice President of Technology. "With the integration of Intilop's TOE and MAC, the concept of low latency is taken to another level, providing an ideal solution for financial applications, where the lowest latency wins."

BittWare's S5 family of boards includes full-length and half-length PCIe cards based on the high-bandwidth, power-efficient Altera Stratix V GX or GS FPGA. Designed for high-end applications, the Stratix V provides a high level of system integration and flexibility for I/O, routing, and processing. The S5 family of boards provides flexible and efficient solutions for high-performance network processing, signal processing, and data acquisition. Combining the boards with BittWare's Anemone™ co-processor and ATLANTiS™ FrameWork enhances productivity and portability and allows even greater processing efficiency. The boards provide DDR3 SDRAM with optional error-correcting codes (ECC), QDRII+, and / or RLDRAM3. Providing additional flexibility are optional VITA 57 FMC sites for enhancing the board's I/O and processing capabilities, making them ideal for analog I/O and processing. The boards also have optional front-panel QSFP+ / SFP+ cages for serial I/O, which support 10G per lane direct to the FPGA for reduced latency, making them ideal for high frequency trading and networking applications.

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