Bank of America Announces the Redemption of Two Series of Subordinated InterNotes®

Charlotte, NC - 19 June 2012

Bank of America Corporation announced that it is calling for redemption in full on July 15, 2012 the remaining principal amount of (a) $218,643,825 of its outstanding 6.500 percent Subordinated InterNotes® due October 15, 2032, CUSIP 060505401, NYSE Symbol IKJ and (b) $100,277,850 of its outstanding 5.500 percent Subordinated InterNotes® due July 15, 2033, CUSIP 060505500, NYSE Symbol IKL (collectively, the “Notes”). Each series of the Notes will be redeemed at a price equal to 100 percent of the principal amount of that series, plus the applicable unpaid interest accrued to July 15, 2012. From and after July 15, 2012, no interest will accrue on the Notes, and the only remaining right of holders of the Notes will be to receive the redemption price.

The Notes are to be surrendered to The Bank of New York Mellon, as trustee and paying agent, in exchange for the redemption price.

The address of the Trustee/Paying Agent is as follows:

The Bank of New York Mellon
101 Barclay Street
New York, New York 10286

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