World’s First Facebook Money Transfer Initiated from the Online Banking has been Accomplished by Alior Bank and Processed with Technology from IND Group

Budapest, Warsaw and Krakow; Poland - 18 June 2012

IND Group delivered the IT background to Alior Sync, a game-changing new digital bank

IND Group provided mobile and internet banking solutions to a Polish direct bank, Alior Sync, a new bank brand. The innovative digital banking system uniquely combines different types of banking services and popular online entertainment platforms as well as Facebook into a user friendly banking interface – with this technology the first Facebook involving money transfer was carried out in May.

Staying informed of new trends is vital, as developments that were considered revolutionary a few years ago are now a part of everyday life. Solutions that are used on a daily basis worldwide should adapt to the constant change and development of the world.

Though only three years old, Alior Bank is the most recognized bank brand in Poland. Alior Bank announced last year in December that in 2012 they will launch Alior Sync, the first virtual-only bank in Poland. The main target group is young adults between the ages of 25 and 30 who practically grew up with the internet. For this generation, online banking has become a necessity, but taking into account their constant need for innovation and for services with the highest convenience, with no time and place limitations, most of the existing solutions are far from meeting their expectations. They want to instantly transfer money on the spot to friends without typing or tapping long account details. They expect apps with technology that are always with them and have the ability to synchronise their financial history in a constant push feed like they are used to on Facebook. Maybe they even want to eliminate time-consuming paper-to-digital transactions by taking photos of their bills. It should always be in their pockets – to manage their budgets and help them spend less with an account aggregated Personal Finance Management tool. IND Group’s software solutions ensure that from now on, all they need is a smart device with web access to manage their daily banking while staying synchronized with all of their bank accounts (even at other banks), monitor spending history and have financial information on the go.

As most people use these smart devices to constantly receive updated information of their social network on Facebook, it was obvious to introduce a solution that seamlessly integrates social networking capabilities into banking processes as well as the other way around: integrating banking processes by a Facebook application into their mostly used website. Using this cutting edge innovation, clients can transfer money directly on Facebook with the help of Alior Payment, a special application and a bank account accessible for Facebook transfers. All these transfers can be carried out without the necessity for leaving the page and logging in to the internet banking of their bank. The only criterion of the transaction is that the recipient has to use the same application; hereby money can be transferred to any bank account in Poland. The safety of the Facebook transfer is guaranteed by captcha and a one-time transaction signing SMS password (OTP).

The system proved itself during the testing process: the first Facebook transfer in test environment through Alior Sync was performed on 29th May, and from 14th June, Alior Sync clients can also use this unique feature. „IND Group is very proud of being the developer of such an important solution that will surely become extremely popular over time. We proved again – as a pioneer on the digital banking solutions market – that innovation, implementing new trends and integrating various systems and processes are important to ensure that our customers can deal with everyday finance in the easiest way possible” - said Balázs Vinnai, CEO of IND Group.

“IND was definitely the right company to develop the technology for Alior Sync. IND has the experts and the innovation experience to drive new banking technology. IND was prepared to make our ideas come to fruition, and with them, we were able to build up the most innovative bank in Poland. Hopefully, we will be able to work together again in the near future.” -stated Mr. Wojciech Sobieraj, President of the Management Board of Alior Bank

Roland Pecsenye, Executive Chairman of IND, who was involved in this unique project as a sponsor, added that “the project with Alior bank was very ‘cool’ and inspiring. It was an amazing experience to be working with the most innovative bank in Poland. The human factor was of great importance; the Alior team, with their reformer attitude, are open to progressive ideas and they are daring enough to be the first. We truly believe that the new banking services offered by Sync will be a game-changer in the banking experience.”

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