BPC Banking Technologies Brings Advanced Payment Solutions to Cambodia

Rotterdam, Netherlands - 19 July 2012

Hattha Kaksekar Limited selects SmartVista to drive its micro-finance business

BPC Banking Technologies, the leading provider of Open System e-payment solutions for the global financial industry, today announces another first – with the signing of its beachhead customer in Cambodia. Hattha Kaksekar Limited is the fourth largest microfinance institution (MFI) in Cambodia. With more than 1200 staffs and 122 branches Hattha delivers a full range of financial services, including loans and deposits, to customers in 122 branches of Cambodia’s 24 provinces.

BPC will implement a multifunctional in-house financial transaction switch for ATM, POS and mobile payments as well as a fully-fledged card management solution with the installation of the SmartVista suite. With the new in-house payments processing system Hattha will be able to offer a biometric identification, enrollment and verification system, the first of its kind in Cambodia.

By combining SmartVista’s advanced capabilities with widely available channel technologies such as ATMs, POS devices and mobile phones, Hattha will not only be able to reach more customers in more places but also do it more cost-effectively. Previously, collecting loan repayments required Hattha staff to travel door-to-door, now with SmartVista Hattha will automate the process by broadening the services available through an enlarged ATM network. Customers will be able to withdraw microloans at ATMs, enjoy remote access to their accounts as well as making repayments against their microloans. Initially these new and convenient services will only be available through the ATM network but Hattha has plans to offer the same facilities through mobile phones.

Recognizing the need to deliver convenience to customers, BPC will provide enrollment and verification capabilities with the use of biometric ID functionality at the ATM to deliver cardless remittances. Not only will this improve the customer experience but it will reduce operational costs and the risk of theft.

SmartVista’s SmartSwitch solution provides a real-time transaction engine for payments switching to enhance online processing capabilities. It manages the complete end-to-end requirements of payments switching by delivering three core areas of functionality including interface support, authorization routing, and stand-in authorization. SmartSwitch provides online interfaces to external devices, such as POS terminals and ATMs, the Internet and mobile payment systems, then routes card transaction data to the issuer. SmartATM is a sophisticated ATM network management system that automates, servicing and monitoring of ATM networks of any size. The solution’s advanced cash management software monitors cash flows to pinpoint patterns and accurately forecast demand. As a result, it reduces operational costs and maintenance of cash holdings at each location, thereby dramatically improving the return on cash assets.

“At Hattha, everything we do is designed to help our clients succeed in their businesses. We provide loans, savings, and other inclusive financial services countrywide, in particularly in rural areas and that’s why we needed a technologically sophisticated but user friendly solution. After reviewing all the solutions on the market, we chose SmartVista because of its unique combination of innovative technology, comprehensive functionality and ability to support our operations in the field. SmartVista will give our clients flexible access to a much wider range of our services, and will help make their lives easier. We are confident in having chosen BPC as our strategic partner to lead our technology transformation and enhance our service capability and convenience to our customers,” said Mr. Hout Ieng Tong, President CEO, Hattha Kaksekar Limited.

“We are delighted to see Hattha join our growing client list of the most innovative companies ready to transform their business and to make a huge contribution to the local payment infrastructure. As a leading microfinance company that is known for its customer centric approach we are confident that the partnership of Hattha and BPC will deliver long term benefits. BPC appreciates the opportunity to play its part in helping to deliver financial inclusion services to millions of people in Cambodia by bringing state of art financial technologies to the rural areas,” noted Rajan S Narayan, Managing Director , BPC Asia Pacific.

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