Lightstreamer Announces Official Release of Version 5.1 with Windows 8 WinRT Support

27 December 2012

Weswit, a global leader in real-time Web streaming solutions, announces that a new version of its flagship product Lightstreamer is now publicly available for download.

Lightstreamer 5.1 Colosseo 20121220 contains updated versions of several components (such as Lightstreamer Server 5.1, Lightstreamer JavaScript Client 6.0.1, Lightstreamer iOS Client 1.2, etc.) as well as a brand new client SDK for Windows 8 WinRT.

Lightstreamer is a state-of-the-art solution for pushing real-time bidirectional data over the Web. With a growing number of customers ranging from small size startups to Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, and Morgan Stanley, Lightstreamer is used by many financial institutions around the globe to stream market data, news, and orders as part of their dealing platforms (for FX, CFD trading, spread betting, etc.).

All desktop and mobile technologies are fully supported, including HTML, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Flex, Silverlight, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Java, and .NET. Lightstreamer is available in four different versions, including a free of charge edition that can be used for any service or product, whether free or commercial.

Lightstreamer WinRT Client API 1.0 is a brand new SDK for developing real-time applications based on Microsoft Windows Runtime (WinRT) architecture for the Windows 8 operating system. This new version provides native WinRT library, together with full API reference and a working example, which is also available from the Windows Store.

Lightstreamer Server 5.1 offers enhanced performance when parsing client requests (for both HTTP and WebSockets), optimization of the sendMessage facility over WebSockets, and several other server-side improvements.

Lightstreamer iOS Client API 1.2 now makes use of dynamic thread pools, for better performance and smaller memory footprint. This version also features code optimizations for iPhone 5 chipset (arm7vs).

Lightstreamer 5.1 Colosseo is already available for free download on the Lightstreamer website (

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