Scorto's Updated Decision Automation Platform Empowers Businesses to Make Informed Decisions and Quickly Act on Them

Cupertino, CA - 18 December 2012

Extended data integration capabilities and custom elements of automated decisioning software enable sound decision making and execution

Scorto, a globally recognized provider of decision automation solutions and services, announces the update of Scorto Strategy Maven, a decision automation platform with integrated analytical models. Scorto Strategy Maven empowers businesses to design and deploy custom decision automation applications with no requirement for any scientific or programming skills.

"Scorto has been providing decision automation solutions for more than seven years." – Says Jonathan Clayton, Head of Risk Management Systems R&D. – "Scorto Strategy Maven is used by our clients not only as a dedicated platform for designing and managing decision automation applications. It is also a viable part of numerous Scorto’s products such as solutions for loan application processing, debt collection, customer life cycle management, fraud detection. We have merged feedback from our partners with our internal research to design the update that enables enterprises to further enhance decision automation."

Features of the updated version of Scorto Strategy Maven include:

  • Retrieving data from various types of data sources, such as Oracle/MSSQL/DB2/OleDb databases, Web Services, HTTP Web Methods, including versioning support for data sources;
  • Custom limit setting for data source execution duration;
  • A new set of “nodes”, pre-set decision flow elements: Export Data Node (Data can be exported into a business entity), Decision Matrix Node (Assign a value based on two-dimensional decision matrix), Script Node (Run a custom script, Python-compatible), Rule Set Node (Execute a specific what-if decision previously defined in strategy), Model Execution Node (Added server-stored models option with versioning support, customizing weights and points, Impact parameters - exporting actual assigned points and more), Adverse Code Node (Determine adverse or favorable parameters, Neutral Scores), Dump Variables Node (Post specified variables' values to a database table), Mail Node (Generate an email based on a template and send it), Cut-off Point Node etc.
  • Row-by-row execution (nodes to read next row, get data from row, update data in a row, add a new row);
  • Ability to iterate through the data records in the current scope and to interact with data in various ways;
  • Data Layers support: allows users to keep arbitrary number of tables in the strategy and switching between them;
  • Multi-assignment: added the batch mode to a Multi-Assignment node, where the set of expressions is executed each-by-each for each row of the current data.

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