Gigamon Partners With Correlix to Provide Real-Time Latency Measurement to Exchanges, High Frequency Traders and Brokerages

Reading, UK - 4 April 2012

Partnership Showcases Latest Success in Gigamon’s Strategic Technology Alliance Community Programme

Gigamon®, a world leader in Traffic Visibility Fabric solutions, announced a real-time latency measurement and analytical solution enabled through its partnership with Correlix. By enabling compatibility of the Correlix RaceTeam™ platform with Gigamon’s flagship line of products, the H Series (which includes its highly accurate nanosecond time-stamping technology), Gigamon is ensuring that engineers and architects of High Frequency Trading (HFT) and financial IT infrastructure are able to analyse, evaluate and tune the latency of transactions. At the heart of the solution is the Gigamon Visibility Fabric that enables analysts to pinpoint and eliminate causes of communication delay, resulting in faster and more accurate trading cycles.

The partnership was formed under Gigamon’s Strategic Technology Alliance Community programme, which represents an ecosystem of partners and organisations focused on making network traffic more visible and as a result the analytics, management and monitoring of the network more intelligent, efficient and versatile for IT and business leaders.

“Partnering with Correlix and other programme member companies allows us to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions,” said Tara Reeve, Director of Strategic Alliances at Gigamon. “By combining Gigamon’s highly accurate Traffic Visibility Fabric that includes accurate and scalable time-stamping functionality with the Correlix unique latency measurement technology, we are able to provide IT teams the ability to accurately analyse transaction latency to create faster and more predictable trading environments.”

The nanosecond accurate timing of the network communications is enabled by the GigaPORT-X12-TS, a line card that is compatible with the Gigamon H Series Visibility, that offers twelve 10Gb ports on a single card, and up to 96 ports in a single node chassis. With the GigaPORT-X12-TS capturing the time at the point of ingress, latency analysis can be executed accurately and in doing so the effect of latency across the fabric normalised. This enables the RaceTeam platform to provide real-time latency measurement across a wider segment of the network creating excellent results in latency measurement. Trading and finance companies can capitalise on real-time latency data, optimising their trading strategies and improving their operations and low-latency infrastructure.

“Many of our customers currently use Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric technology, so it was important for us to make sure our RaceTeam platform was fully compatible with the high-accuracy time-stamping technology,” said Shawn Melamed, Correlix Founder and CEO. “By partnering with Gigamon, we are able to provide our customers with a versatile, cost effective and wider reaching solution for high frequency/low latency trading networks.”

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