RTS Launches its Next Generation RTD Tango Algorithmic Product Suite

Chicago, IL - 11 October 2011

• RTD Tango Ultra Gateway - Significantly Reduced Microsecond Latency
• RTD Tango Trader - Hybrid Solution Now Offers Customized or Pre-coded Off-the-Shelf Algos
• RTD Tango QUANT - Algo Trading for Quantitative Traders
• Professional Services Unit - to Implement Customer Specific Algorithms

RTS Realtime Systems Group, a leading global trading solutions provider, today announced details of the next generation of its industry-leading RTD Tango algorithmic trading solution at the 27th annual Futures & Options Expo in Chicago. The new generation suite of products includes gateways to major exchanges with significantly reduced latency down to 10 to 15 microseconds, new off-the-shelf features for the RTD Tango Trader hybrid click and algorithmic trading solution, and the product RTD Tango QUANT geared toward quantitative traders.

RTS already offers connectivity across asset classes to more than 135 exchanges and markets globally, with co-located, ultra-low latency access to more than 65 of these venues. The new RTD Tango Ultra Gateway connects firms using RTD Tango to all CME Group and IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) futures markets with a latency of 10 to 15 microseconds. The process is more than 10 times faster than the version announced last year, which at the time achieved a 60 percent speed and performance improvement. The high-speed RTD Tango Ultra Gateway will add similar connectivity to eSpeed and BrokerTec by the end of the year, and to more exchanges in 2012.

RTD Tango Trader was launched in May 2010 as the industry’s first comprehensive solution to combine the advantages of click and algorithmic trading. It was designed to leverage firms’ infrastructures to enable brokers, traders and clients to benefit from customized algorithms. The new generation takes the offering one step further by providing customized or pre-coded off-the-shelf algorithms that firms can readily deploy across trading desks without the need for any internal development. By offering the pre-coded strategies in an optimized environment, firms such as brokerage houses, trading desks and proprietary trading firms can reduce their time to market and rapidly begin trading desired products across markets and asset classes.

At the Expo, RTS today is introducing RTD Tango QUANT, a new algorithmic trading solution specifically geared toward quantitative traders, representing a new category of clients for RTS. Leveraging existing technology, the offering builds on RTD Tango’s functionality and its global exchange connectivity with a new suite of tools for the design, optimization, analysis and execution of fully automated trading strategies. In addition to providing connectivity across asset classes, continents and exchanges, the offering is unique in the combination of innovations aimed at helping traders master the entire quantitative trading strategy life cycle.

RTS CEO Steffen Gemuenden said: “Our next generation RTD Tango offering is a comprehensive portfolio of trading and connectivity solutions that addresses the needs of our growing customer base, while incorporating the extremely important risk management tools essential to today’s environment. We are pleased to welcome a new group of traders who can take advantage of our quantitative trading offering RTD Tango QUANT, while our RTD Tango Trader product is easier than ever to deploy and share throughout a client’s trading environment.

“We are also introducing a Professional Services unit that will implement custom algorithms on behalf of our clients. With this offering, we take another burden off our customers, effectively allowing them to outsource the efforts of coding. This service is another step to further reduce the deployment cycle and enhance customer experience. Throughout this and further initiatives, we always try to stay ahead of our clients’ needs, and we’ll continue to build on the proven suite of products with new technology and features to enhance the trading experience of our users.”

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