ConvergEx Group Builds Out Eze Risk Framework

New York - 2 November 2011

Offers Access to New and Expanded Risk Management Tools and Real-Time Data from the Eze OMSâ„¢

ConvergEx Group, a leading technology company, today announced that its award-winning order management system, the Eze OMSâ„¢, has greatly expanded the number of integrated risk management tools available through the Eze Risk Framework.

The Framework, which gives users direct access to third-party risk providers, now offers innovative products from Investor Analytics, FinAnalytica, PortfolioScience and Risk One. Available risk management tools include end-of-day reporting, Value at Risk (VaR) statistics, scenario and what-if analysis and intra-day statistics. Users will also be able to combine risk analysis with stress testing and scenario analysis for a tactical and strategic approach to risk management. These tools are in addition to existing Framework offerings from RiskMetrics.

“Actively managing risk in a variety of ways is a necessity in these volatile markets. Investors are under increasing pressure from clients and regulators to provide reports about risk in their portfolio, but finding streamlined and integrated solutions have until now been difficult,” said Davide Cis, risk product manager for ConvergEx’s Eze Castle Software. “We are pleased to form these relationships because they give our customers cost-effective and comprehensive risk solutions that are straightforward and easy to use. Furthermore, these providers are experienced and knowledgeable, with excellent reputations for client service.”

“Working with ConvergEx was a natural choice since so many of our customers have chosen the Eze OMS as their preferred technology,” said Michael Poisson, chief sales and marketing officer of Investor Analytics. “Customers want solutions that are powerful yet intuitive, and both Eze and Investor Analytics have always offered customers a considerable degree of choice and ease to implement the changes they want.”

Highlights of each provider include:

• Investor Analytics offers robust risk transparency services, including industry-leading risk analysis, advanced risk-return models and highly accessible intraday and end-of-day reporting. Users can build scenarios, run stress tests and perform what-if analysis to provide a streamlined risk management workflow.

• FinAnalytica delivers multi-asset class, predictive risk and portfolio construction analytics for traditional holdings-based and alternative returns-based portfolios. With its patented Cognity fat-tailed framework, investment managers derive unique pre- and post-trade insight through tail risk scenario analysis and reporting of fat-tailed VaR, ETL and ETR estimates alongside classical volatility measures.

• PortfolioScience offers RisKAPI, a hosted, fully customizable application programming interface (API) solution that includes all necessary market data, computing power and analytics, including multi-model VaR, option analytics, volatility, beta, correlation and matrix analysis. Accessible via Excel as well as the .Net and Java frameworks.

• RiskOne offers a full suite of risk and performance reporting along with expert advisory and full enterprise risk management assessment. RiskOne also offers a robust data management solution that integrates its risk and performance reports with Geneva accounting systems.

The award‐winning Eze OMS leverages a real‐time open architecture to streamline the investment cycle for all asset classes – from idea generation through settlement. The Eze OMS provides functionality to support portfolio management, compliance, trading and operations in a single platform.

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