Princeton Financial Systems Launches DVS Publisher Suite 3.3

Princeton, NJ - 21 November 2011

Princeton Financial Systems today announced the introduction of DVS Publisher Suite 3.3, a new version of its leading automated reporting solution for the investment industry, enhancing report generation and distribution functionality.

DVS Publisher Suite automates and controls the entire reporting value chain starting from data supply and data quality checking to production and distribution of boardroom-quality reports to customers. Enhancements include:

Distribute Documents Created Externally

Users can now distribute external documents which weren't created with the DVS Publisher Suite, enabling customers to benefit from DVS Publisher Suite's sophisticated distribution system, such as when sending disclaimers or marketing documents.

Organize and Distribute Reports According to Dynamic Meta Data

DVS Publisher Suite now allows recipients to use meta data generated dynamically during report generation to organize and distribute reports intelligently. This enables recipients, for example, to only receive a monthly report when the performance of the corresponding fund is above or below a defined limit.

Recall Historical Report Templates and Their Objects

DVS Publisher Suite now enables users to recall the history of all reporting objects and templates. This enables users to recover full versions of old reports, to compare various versions with each other or to generate a report based on an outdated template.

New and Enhanced Report Elements

DVS Publisher Suite offers improved functionality to create listings and groupings, as well as sophisticated paragraph controls which are able to hold together diverse objects such as paragraphs and tables. There are also several improvements in the area of headers and footers. In addition to the possibility to structure the report in several sections with altering headers and footers, users can also define a varying first page of the report or use differing headers and footers for odd and even pages.

New Output Formats Word and Excel 2007

DVS Publisher Suite delivers brand new output formats in order to create reports which are compliant with Word 2007 and Excel 2007. The system uses Microsoft framework to deliver the output which results in excellent performance for the report generation.

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