Centralis teams with Syscap to offer intelligent finance

London - 31 May 2011

Organisations can “benefit now and pay later” by using intelligent finance to fund IT transformation – delivering greatly improved services for a fixed-monthly cost.

Specialist IT consultancy Centralis is working with Syscap, the UK’s leading independent IT finance provider to offer intelligent finance options to organisations planning IT transformation projects. Intelligent finance gives organisations the flexibility to switch budget between operational and capital expenditure (OpEx and CapEx), and realise tax and other business benefits for a known price per user per month.

A significant number of organisations are looking to refresh or transform their IT environment but face a dilemma in how best to virtualise IT assets while maintaining control of business-critical applications and protecting legacy investments. A transformed utility computing model offers the advantages of reduced migratory risk, whilst driving down the cost of adoption, lowering the on-going expense of managed ‘break/fix’ contracts for aging physical assets. Adopting an intelligent finance approach allows organisations to adopt a price per user per month model and switches the ‘pay now and benefit later’ mantra on its head, allowing organisations to enhance IT service delivery at the same time as improving their cash flow management.

“Migrating to a virtualised IT environment based on utility computing can be a minefield and getting it wrong can leave a business stuck with a solution not fit-for-purpose and incurs significant additional cost,” said Rob Greenslade, Sales and Marketing Director, Centralis. “We can help organisations find the optimum solution, with much greater flexibility at reduced cost and risk. And with interest rates currently low, there is a significant opportunity for firms to exploit intelligent finance and align business strategy with procurement.”

Using the Syscap finance method, organisations can deliver fixed-cost computing with predictability and sustainability. As well as limiting the initial capital outlay, intelligent finance affords organisations much greater flexibility. If CapEx is necessary but the budget is not available, an organisation can switch its expenditure to OpEx by adopting the utility computing model on an operating lease. Similarly, if the organisation is under pressure to reduce OpEx, then a new capital investment with a transformed IT delivery service can switch net cash outflow from OpEx to CapEx.

Philip White CEO of Syscap commented, “We are delighted to be working with Centralis, as we share a common business ethos and our finance offering dovetails beautifully with the company’s mission to help customers reduce cost and improve business agility through innovative solutions. In addition to all the other benefits previously mentioned our intelligent finance model will help businesses improve their cashflow, provide them with a greater degree of flexibility for expansion and upgrades and there are of course business tax benefits.”

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