CMA launches bond pricing service for corporate and emerging market government bonds

15 March 2011

CMA today announced the launch of CMA Datavisionâ„¢ Bonds, a bond pricing service providing daily independent pricing and market metrics for liquid and illiquid corporate and emerging market government bonds.

CMA Datavision™ Bonds brings much sought-after quality and transparency to bond pricing data, particularly valuable for illiquid bonds, where there can be large variations in pricing. CMA achieves this by applying the buy-side consensus model and price aggregation expertise used so successfully for CMA Datavision™ CDS, CMA’s widely used CDS pricing product.

Antoine Kohler, CMA’s Chief Executive said: “Our research indicates that although this is an extremely crowded market, it is not particularly well serviced and there is definite interest in a product that delivers in terms of high quality data and contextual market information. We are uniquely positioned to do this, thanks to our real-time access to bond prices and spreads from the largest and most active credit investors. Our data is based on real prices observed in the market and includes unique transparency metrics such as the number of buy-side sources and the average bid/ask spread.”

“Recognising that most firms have more than one supplier of bond pricing data, we believe that the high quality of our data combined with the transparency metrics we supply will ensure that CMA Datavision™ Bonds becomes indispensable for front office, price verification and risk management professionals who need to measure pricing uncertainty and transaction costs.”

CMA Datavisionâ„¢ Bonds is available directly from CMA.

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