DVS Publisher Suite boosts support for the Key Investor Information

Frankfurt - 20 September 2010

Get ready for the UCITS IV with Princeton Financial Systems

DVS Publisher Suite, Princeton Financial Systems’ investment reporting solution, boosts support for Key Investor Information documents (KII), also called Key Investor Disclosures (KID). These standardized information sheets will replace the current Simplified Fund Prospectus in line with the implementation of the UCITS IV guidelines (UCITS: Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities). KII’s standardized content and prescribed structure shall enforce the prospective investors in making qualified investment decisions.

The DVS Publisher Suite can be used as a fully integrated solution or a modular component, covering dedicated parts of the KII generation process. The reporting solution covers all regulatory requirements according to the CESR specification:

• Automated acquisition as well as integrity and quality checks of the underlying data
• Calculation of the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI) or historical performance
• Parameterization of the KII templates using flexible rules set for intelligent reporting
• Flexible administration of reusable narratives, e.g. for different regions, fund groups, funds, share classes or even representative share classes
• Integrated multilingual capabilities
• Wide range of controls for the KII composition logic and respective dependencies
• User defined process execution and schedules for the regular or ad hoc updates
• Automatic creation of a very large number of KIIs
• Historization and archiving of relevant underlying data

Princeton Financial Systems actively participates in the integration of all KII-related information into the open standard FundsXML, which is the mandatory reporting format for exchanging fund data in some European countries.

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