Best-X! SOR integrates BondVision

Bergamo, Italy - 15 September 2010

Best-X!, SoftSolutions!’ Smart Order Routing platform for the automatic negotiation of fixed income retail orders, adds a new "execution venue": BondVision, the multi-dealer-to-client circuit of MTS Group (LSE Group).

The introduction of BondVision further increases access to fixed-income markets provided by Best-X! SOR solution, that is the engine of SABE (Banca Akros service). The Best-X! platform now presents a larger price discovery towards Regulated Markets (MOT, EuroMOT), Multilateral Trading Facilities (EuroTLX, Hi-MTF, ExtraMOT, BondVision) and international OTC liquidity pools (Bloomberg BTS, Thomson Reuters FIT, BondVision).

Best-X!’ effectiveness in managing large order volumes (more than 3,000 a day) and in allowing an "execution ratio" above 90% and an effective and "dynamic" best execution, as required by MiFID and appreciated by Consob1, strengthens the leadership of this solution in Italy. Best-X! also represents a "MiFID-compliant platform” for market participants in European Fixed Income.

Michele Comi, sales director of SoftSolutions!, confirms "The retail bond segment is experiencing a moment of great interest. Thanks to the close cooperation with our partner customers and the constant technological research we are extending Best-X!’s SOR architecture and features. The integration with BondVision allows us to provide an additional plus for customers who have chosen the platform, further increasing the benefit for retail customers."

SoftSolutions! Best-X!, operating since 2006, is aligned to MiFID guidelines since November 1st 2007. It provides the transparency required by the Directive by connecting and competing different fixed income trading venues, such as MOT, EuroMOT, ExtraMOT, HI-MTF, EuroTLX and dozens of Market Makers active on Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters’ platforms, now joined by BondVision.

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