Asentinel 7.0 Unveiled

Memphis, Tennessee - 13 October 2010

Asentinel launches newly enhanced TEM solution

Asentinel®, a technology-driven telecom lifecycle management company, announces the launch of Asentinel 7.0, the newest version of its patented comprehensive global Telecom Expense Management (TEM) application. Asentinel 7.0 offers extended flexibility through amplified business and audit rules, additional wireless enhancements and expanded international support for global customers.

“To handle the ever-changing world of telecommunications, a TEM solution needs to evolve,” stated Jason Fisher, Asentinel’s Chief Software Architect. “Our latest release allows companies to better audit the most granular components of the carrier’s billing to the negotiated rates, configured business rules and policies. This is especially critical in the global wireless market.”

Asentinel previewed the latest version at its User Development Conference in September. One client remarked, “Users will find the enhancements incorporated into Asentinel 7.0 significantly increase the application’s overall usability and user-friendliness, and wireless auditing capabilities. Overall, the improvements will enable me to more efficiently and effectively manage telecom expense while increasing my overall productivity, which ultimately equates to increased cost savings for my organization.”

Asentinel overhauled the invoice grid and reprogrammed it entirely in AJAX. The new grid allows customers to view invoices with thousands of line items with virtually no load time and eliminates the need to refresh the page while managing billing exceptions.

Asentinel was the first to announce international TEM support with Asentinel 4.0 in 2005, and the company has continued to lead the way in global enhancements. The latest release provides further support for multinational corporations processing telecom invoices in multiple formats. Asentinel 7.0 is available in all tier one and tier two languages and supports invoice processing in any currency or language.

“The enhancements in our latest release reflect the needs of the customers, who manage every aspect of their telecom spend within our application, either with internal resources or through outsourcing,” stated David C. Perdue, CEO of Asentinel. “Asentinel 7.0 provides total visibility of the telecom lifecycle, from inventory and invoices to disputes, procurement and provisioning. The business intelligence our customers access through Asentinel 7.0 provides the strategic advantage they need to reduce telecom bills today and secure better contracted rates tomorrow.”

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