FinIQ Launches its new service - Liquidity Link

29 November 2010

FinIQ is pleased to announce the first commercially live implementation of its new service Liquidity Link. In this implementation Liqudity Link connects a retail bank to one of the largest market makers in the options market. In addition the system gathers real-time cash balances for retail customers along with various validations making it one of the first implementations ever to have retail banking integration as well as the real-time currency options trading within the same platform.

FinIQ has already partnered with three interbank market makers to deliver liquidity to FinIQ's client banks via Liquidity Link. Previously most liquidity bridges were aimed at dealer to dealer connectivity. The FinIQ connectivity is unique in terms of its ability to deliver the best price quote straight through to the retail banker's FinIQ desktop.

FinIQ is also building a similar bank to bank connectivity for equity linked instruments automating termsheets and quotes workflows between the issuers and the distributors.

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