Quadron Data Solutions Releases Latest Version of DataPro

Denver - 17 November 2010

Version 7.0 Offers Multi-currency Applications and Added Functionality to Meet Dodd-Frank Requirements

Quadron Data Solutions™, a Fetter Logic Company, today announced the latest release of DataPro™, its proprietary data warehouse. DataPro aggregates all of a broker/dealer’s information into one central warehouse to support the firm’s front-, middle-, and back-office data needs. Version 7.0 offers improved core functions plus new support for multi-currency applications and expanded support for order data to meet upcoming Dodd-Frank requirements. The new release also includes functional upgrades to resiliency and optimization features and continues to provide enhanced support for 529 and 401K plans.

Offered as a fully outsourced, Software-as-a-Service platform, DataPro Version 7.0’s multi-currency capabilities allow broker/dealers to capture trade activity executed in foreign markets in their books and records systems and aggregate foreign and domestic trade and account activity. The warehouse now stores both local currency and U.S. dollar-denominated values, with balances and other money amounts stored in both the original currencies and the effective U.S. dollar amounts. Data is enriched to compute missing values where applicable and historical conversion rates are stored to support computations and reporting.

“DataPro processes more than 30 million records for more than 18,000 authorized users at over 250 broker/dealers on a daily basis,” said Chris Cross, Executive Vice President of Technology, Quadron Data Solutions. “New features improve DataPro personnel’s ability to rapidly identify bad data, extract it from the system, cleanse it and load it back into the warehouse in record time. This ensures we can meet stringent customer SLA’s and our broker/dealer clients have reconciled data on the previous day’s activity before their trading day commences.”

DataPro’s expanded order information enables broker/dealers to capture all data elements needed to provide complex reporting of live-order data. In addition, order management and back-office system data is fed into the expanded orders module to provide a full audit trail of live orders. It also enables broker/dealers to prepare for new Dodd-Frank regulations by giving them the ability to maintain required records and produce exception reports from live orders for both internal and investment advisor purposes.

“We believe that data is a strategic asset of the broker/dealer. As result, we have spent the past decade investing in our data-warehousing platform as the foundation and cornerstone of all of our service offerings,” said David Fetter, CEO, Quadron Data Solutions. “Good data means good reporting, good customer service, efficient operations and good risk management.”

In addition to the functional enhancements, Quadron Data has also added new resiliency and optimization features to the DataPro warehouse to enable it to scale easily beyond its current size of over twenty billion records. DataPro will continue to offer seamless integration with a broker/dealers’ own platform as well as with books-and-records, CRM.

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