DealHub Delivers New High Performance Price Distribution Platform

London - 22 March 2010

Option Computers Ltd (OCL) the leading global provider of STP and connectivity feed handling software to the FX markets, has successfully implemented its DealHub/Connectivity Manager price distribution solution at a leading global bank.

The Connectivity Manager which is the latest addition to the DealHub product portfolio, responds to request for quotes and streaming prices for FX spot, forwards, NDFs and swaps from client facing e-Commerce distribution platforms to deliver pricing via high speed ‘DealHub Sell Side Automated Trading Interfaces’.

Peter Kriskinans, Managing Director of Option Computers stated “with the Connectivity Manager, we have created a flexible price and workflow backbone which sits behind single-dealer platforms, white label offerings, client trading APIs and multi-bank ECNs. The DealHub Connectivity Manager provides our customers with a strategic tool for low latency streaming of prices to multiple client-facing platforms. It’s a highly extensible system, providing banks with the technology to sit behind their single-dealer platform, enabling them to increase their coverage to additional client venues with quick time to market, low cost and low project risk. It has been designed to be scalable and comes with a proven capability to handle extremely high levels of price and trade throughput suitable for managing future increases in e-trading volumes”.

Kriskinans explains how the DealHub Connectivity Manager can be integrated to re-engineer the bank’s existing workflow in order to achieve a more optimal pricing process. “We are able to integrate to other bank systems to perform the trade life cycle functions such as credit checking, margin calculations and last look price validation. By caching information in memory and pooling credit utilisation, Connectivity Manager can respond to events without necessarily needing to make unnecessary call-outs for each and every price request. A pre-subscribed list of currency pairs is cached enabling this low latency response. We have successfully integrated to CEP and algorithmic trading platforms to not only receive pricing but to also deliver low latency execution event updates to the banks internal systems”.

The Connectivity Manager is tightly integrated with other DealHub modules such as the DealHub Business Activity Monitoring Module, the DealHub STP Workflow and the DealHub Liquidity Aggregation Module.

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