SAB announces the launch of its latest SAB A.T. solution

Fontenay-sous-Bois - 29 June 2010

The latest version of the SAB software package, SAB A.T., which targets banks and financial establishments, is the fruit of functional and technical development over the course of several years.

The SAB A.T. version is the new SAB offer recently presented by the publisher to clients attending one of its seminars. It offers considerable advancements over the previous version A8 and, in particular, some major innovations:

- Major technological innovations: SOA architecture has been deployed throughout the entire range of modules; it is based on either new tools developed by the SAB architecture teams or the integration of existing market tools, notably the adoption of the EJB3 technology for the business services and web services, a new layer of database access designed to be compatible with the most widely-used databases. In addition, LINUX is now a platform compatible such as UNIX and the I SYSTEM.

- A new graphical user interface adopting a new intuitive ergonomically-designed interface. It runs on the new architecture of the presentation tier. This layer extends the use of the JAVA and XML languages to the entire solution and spreads over 3 tiers, including a cinematic layer allowing easier customisation by client end-users. The SAB A.T. version standardises the display in web 2.0/html mode with an improved flexibility for customisation.

-The embedded workflow FlowMind has been standardised throughout the entire software package. The workflow manages the bank decision-making processes. It is integrated into the very heart of the software; it defines, orchestrates and controls the day-to-day running of activities and tasks for the various business line processes.

The new SAB A.T. version satisfies not only the requirements of banks who already use the SAB product range, but also those of the market. With this version, SAB seeks, in particular, to increase its share of the international market through its subsidiaries and local associates network.

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