Paddy Power goes live with an online trading platform provided by Ariel

London - 24 November 2009

paddypowertrader upgrades to Ariel’s cutting-edge Multi Asset Trading Platform

Ariel, the experts in Multi Asset Trading Platforms (Financial Spread Betting, Foreign Exchange and CFD trading software), today announces that paddypowertrader has successfully gone live with Ariel’s next generation Multi Asset Trading Platform (MATP). Retail clients of paddypowertrading now benefit from a brand new web based front end with a wealth of new features.

paddypowertrader is a major white label of London Capital Group, which has a list of clients also powered by Ariel’s technology, including financial spreadbetting sites E*Trade Spread Betting and Tradefair Spreads.

Ariel was commissioned by paddypowertrader to deliver a new trading platform to replace their existing Flash-based system. The new platform is Ariel’s next generation Multi Asset Trading Platform (MATP), also used by ETX Capital for forex and spreadbetting. The platform uses cutting edge Flex technology enabling faster response times, robust connections and up-to-date prices. The new trading platform was delivered on time and within budget.

Simon Denham, CFO of London Capital Group comments: “This was an extremely efficient, hassle-free upgrade. We have been collecting feedback from our customers, most of whom are retail investors, and have received overwhelmingly positive commentary on the new platform. It offers customers a much richer interface, faster pricing, multiple views, multiple trade tickets as well as tear-off windows.”

Angus Clacher, CEO of Ariel, comments: “Importantly the new Multi Asset Trading Platform was delivered by Ariel in a short timeframe and without interruption to paddypowers’ operations. The project was completed in 8 weeks and there was zero downtime, which is essential for a business like paddypowertrader, which trades 24 hours a day. I’m extremely proud of the people at Ariel and the leading technology we produce. This implementation is testament to their skill and experience with Multi Asset Trading Platforms.”

The platforms new features include:

• Faster Trading: the stake entry is embedded in the trade ticket so that paddypower customers have default stakes, the ability to directly edit on ticket and visual cues on the BUY/SELL buttons.
• Multiple Trade Tickets: enable paddypower customers to watch multiple live markets and trade with a single click.
• Multiple Views with Browser Tear-offs: allow simultaneous opening and arranging of windows including “My Portfolio” and “Open Positions”.
• Cherry Picking: the ability to cherry pick open positions permits trades to be closed in the order the client sees fit. This allows a client to close a profitable trade in order to increase trading resources for use on other trades.

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