Effective qualification of New Markets

8 May 2009

In these challenging times, Software Houses are leaving “no stone unturned” in their search for new business opportunities, often concentrating resources on evaluating new overseas markets. Experienced Sales Managers will know, however, that operating in distant markets presents significant challenges, not least the cost of deploying a sales recourse for uncertain reward.

Two existing clients of E2W have recently increased their commitment to E2W to help qualify and open new Markets in Europe and Asia.

When assessing their options, these clients had two choices; assign a sales resource to the geographies, so taking their focus off existing and known markets, or build on the success and relationships that they had already established with E2W and engage E2W further to undertake the initial stages of their sales process in the new geographies:- · Identifying the ‘Target Companies’ in each market.

Identifying the ‘Key Decision Makers’ in each Target Company. · Capturing valuable data in order to size and qualify the market. · Creating a level of awareness amongst each of the Key Decision Makers. · Capturing short term and long term opportunities.

Karen Fairbrother, Business Development Manager at E2W commented “Using E2W to help open new markets is just an extension of the services we offer our clients in London and New York. KNOWING who the decision makers are in a target market and knowing that they KNOW you, is a sales process stage that is fundamental to success. E2W deliver that process step with certainty, skill and professionalism regardless of the financial market or geography being targeted. “

Mark Freed, Director E2W, commented. “Our prime objective with all our clients is to continually deliver value over an extended period of time. It is a bonus when clients recognise that value by extending the depth an d breadth of their relationship with us. “

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