GFI Group’s Amerex to serve on the Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee

New York, NY - 12 May 2009

GFI Group Inc.(Nasdaq: GFIG) announces today that Mike Prokop, Senior Vice President of Amerex Brokers LLC, a subsidiary of GFI Group Inc. will serve on the newly expanded Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (“CFTC”) Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee (“EEMAC”). Mike Prokop is a highly experienced professional in the U.S. energy markets and brings to the EEMAC a deep understanding of how the OTC energy and emissions markets function.

“The mission, mandate and membership of the EEMAC are being expanded to ensure that we are ready for what could be a $2 trillion market in the future,” CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton said in an announcement released by the CFTC on April 17th. “We will have impressive experts who will help us as we try and figure out what needs to be done on day one after legislation becomes law.”

Mike Prokop of Amerex adds, “I look forward to helping the CFTC consider, design and conduct thoughtful and effective regulation vital to the U.S. energy and emissions markets.” Mr. Prokop is the only executive from an OTC energy brokerage firm serving on the Committee.

Amerex has been active in the emissions markets since 2001 and currently brokers all the U.S. Federal and regional emissions markets including NOx, SO2, HGB NOx, ERCs, DERCs and RECs. Amerex’s parent company, GFI Group, operates EnergyMatch® an electronic energy trading platform in North America, bringing together buyers and sellers of derivative and physical commodities contracts. It enables financial institutions, hedge funds, energy companies, transporters and other natural market participants to trade OTC markets, manage risks associated with price, volatility and diversify assets.

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