New Version of AssureSign Electronic Signature Software Enables Enhanced Document Tracking Capabilities

Orlando, FL - 6 July 2009

AssureSign LLC, a leader in electronic signature technology, today announced the official release of the latest offering of its AssureSign product, AssureSign v2.0.4. With this new release, AssureSign delivers a higher degree of automation and enhanced document tracking capabilities via the introduction of DocumentTRAK web notifications.

AssureSign is a web-hosted service that facilitates the managed processing of documents in an all-digital, highly secure environment. Since its inception, AssureSign has included a rich event model that enabled email notifications of document status to be triggered by various workflow events throughout the signing process, such as beginning and completion of steps and completion of document signing.

The new DocumentTRAK component enables users to send communications to their own web-accessible applications, which are triggered by specified events defined in a document template workflow configuration. The DocumentTRAK wizard, launched from within the workflow editor, walks users through configuring the AssureSign system to send data according to their schema, to a specified location, at a specified point in the signing process, including Document Started, Before Step Started, After Step Completed, Landing Page Visited, Document Completed or Document Pre-Expiration Warning.

DocumentTRAK notifications may be generic data-only communications or document transmissions, which may only be triggered by a Document Completed event. The entire signed and completed document, or information collected in the signing process, can be sent to existing business systems for appropriate workflow integration or storage.

“With the introduction of DocumentTRAK, AssureSign users have the ability to integrate the management of document tracking into their existing business processes. ” said David W. Brinkman, AssureSign’s Chief Executive Officer. “DocumentTRAK simplifies and expedites the process of integrating a new technology into an existing business process.”

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