drs/Bonded Collection Systems Chooses CR Software’s Titanium Ore Collection Solution

Fairfax, VA - 24 July 2009

CR Software LLC (CRS), announces today that Cincinnati, Ohio based drs/Bonded Collection Systems will implement Titanium ORE as the backbone of their collection management platform.

drs/Bonded Collection Systems’ clientele includes a wide diversity of local, regional and national creditors. Through its highly technological and competitive approach, drs/Bonded Collection Systems integrates expertise from across the company to deliver unique solutions that enable clients to maximize net unit yields, streamline collection agency management, and create new revenue streams from bad debt sales.

CR Software’s Titanium ORE offers adaptability to the changing landscape of the growing and scaling collections environment. It provides flexibility to clients and staff the way they need it and when they need it, as well as the adaptability and control to incorporate security, auditability and disaster recovery. The new software is built in an open-receivables environment (ORE) and features support for Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Distributed Service Oriented Architecture, J2EE Development platform, and open standards in API development for easy enterprise-wide integration.

“CR Software’s Titanium ORE system gives us the flexibility we need in order to accomplish our goals. We are happy we chose to move our system onto the Titanium ORE family of platforms. This is where the future of collection platforms is heading and it will let us offer our clients a better, faster service,” said Don Wood, Jr., Owner of drs/Bonded Collection Systems. “We have been very happy with the long-standing relationship we have had with CR Software for the last 14 years and look forward to a continued, promising future.”

“drs/Bonded Collection Systems has always been a leader in advancing their technology. They are always looking for ways to improve their business and relationships with their clients. We are excited for our continued relationship with drs/Bonded Collection Systems,” said Edz Sturans, President of CR Software. “Their opportunities are limitless with the Titanium ORE solution and we are looking forward to helping them pave the way to a prosperous future.”

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