Young Families Crave a Remote Control to Money

8 January 2009

MONILINK, the people that provide the mobile money services for customers of many of the UK’s high street banks*, today revealed that young families and new home owners are the main users of mobile banking services. According to a recent analysis of its customer base, the general profile of its customers, the most frequent customer is a 25 - 34 year old, living in a town or city and having more than one current account – e.g. personal and household account.

The most popular service is a daily ‘money check’ as people commute to work between 8 and 9 in the morning, with many also opting to receive account alerts when their account hits an agreed limit. There has also been a recent increase in the popularity of payments transactions over recent months, as people move their money between their accounts or top-up their pre-paid mobile phone accounts.

The results of the audit tally closely with the results of recent consumer research conducted by Monilink in partnership with the Future Foundation. This found that 11% of all 35 to 44 year olds are already using their mobile phone to manage their money and over 70% of consumers now using digital means to run their budget more effectively.

John Milliken, managing director, Monilink, said: “Money management is one of those things that people watch more carefully as they get older, with homeownership and parenthood being key triggers. However, with the slowdown in the economy, money management is becoming a ‘must have’. 64 per cent of consumers, according to our research, say that it is important to be able to manage their money 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

“In particular we are seeing mobile banking now becoming habit forming with many people and once they have used the service a few times they continue to use it on an almost daily basis. Now that consumers can use the service to move money between accounts or even transfer money abroad, I think more and more consumers will be checking their money on their mobile as part of their daily routine and all the signs are that mobile will become the most used self-service banking channel over the next few years.”

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