NASDAQ OMX Iceland introduces the OMXI6 Index - New Index for the most liquid companies on the market

5 January 2009

NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:NDAQ) today announced the introduction of the OMXI6 Index, a new index on NASDAQ OMX Iceland, which will replace the OMXI15. The new Index consists of the six most traded and liquid companies listed on NASDAQ OMX Iceland. The purpose of the index is to reflect the Icelandic investment opportunities and function as a desired investment tool for fund managers and other investors.

“New times call for a new index. The OMXI6 index is designed to equip ourselves for the restoration of the Icelandic equity market”, said Thordur Fridjonsson, President, NASDAQ OMX Iceland. “The Index consists of fewer companies than the OMXI15 in the interest of liquidity. It will better serve as an investment benchmark and will be more appealing for investors under the circumstances that now prevail. The index constituents reflect that the market is more characterized by non-financials than before.”

18 companies are listed on NASDAQ OMX Iceland. The index selection will be reviewed semi-annually and a new selection will take effect on 1 January and 1 July respectively. The OMXI6 will be a free float adjusted market capitalization index, and will be calculated in ISK and EUR. The Index commenced calculation today with a value of 1000.

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