Autonomy to acquire Interwoven for US$775 million

22 January 2009

British company Autonomy is to acquire Interwoven. Autonomy’s recent strength shows that the company has not only stood the test, but risen above the tumult to outperform expectations on every level. During the year the issues surrounding the collapse of global credit markets, counterparty litigation and the incipient regulatory response have driven unprecedented demand for Autonomy’s Meaning Based Computing technology. See press release attached.

In summary, the acquisition:

• Brings together Interwoven's products which improve human interactions with information with Autonomy’s technology that will allow people to know what those human interactions mean.
• The combination of these two companies will redefine how global 2000 corporations, leading law firms, and government regulators will discover, analyze, and manage human friendly information.
• The combined company will have 20,000 customers, and provides a one-stop shop for over 1,000 file formats including email, voice, web, images, schedules, tasks, calendars, and stock trades.
• Interwoven also powers some 100,00 websites, intranets and extranets – Autonomy’s IDOL technology can be used to extend Interwoven’s web content capabilities
• Only Autonomy’s Meaning Based Computing can understand the context and meaning of data, including all file formats and across multiple repositories.
• Strategically the acquicisition strengthens Autonomy’s leading position in the enterprise software industry and one Europe’s top software companies

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