Hanse Orga AG: Release of Moneta® for SAP® 3.0

19 January 2009

Hanse Orga is proud to announce version 3.0 of Moneta for SAP. The new version fits Hanse Orga’s successful strategy of international expansion with many new features for the European markets, including many French, Spanish and Italian particularities. Also the existing users are not forgotten with a great many customer-requested features and functions. Moneta for SAP version 3.0 boasts the first SAP-based interactive cash position worksheet, with unique features such as drag-and-drop transfers and event-driven colors.

Cash Position Worksheet
The Cash Position Worksheet is an interactive cash planning tool to provide a full real-time, group-wide view of the cash of the company, whether the subsidiaries use SAP or not. Multiple, user-definable views allow business users to save and manage different views and selections, with a direct drill-down to forecasted cash flows, bank statements, SAP treasury deals, or other sources of information within SAP. From the cash position worksheet, all cash functions can be started directly. Easy to use drag and drop transfers from a balance overview, and user-definable colors that represent some relevant business event in the position (back value dates, bank cost over 10 000 EUR, etc.) are some of the outstanding features of this new feature within Moneta for SAP.

Bank value days & Bank costs
Moneta for SAP now contains the ability to keep track of the exact bank value date conditions and bank costs that were agreed with the banks. The system automatically checks that the agreed conditions with the banks are indeed kept. Reporting and interactive messages help the user to focus on exceptions.

Mutual funds
New money market transactions are mutual funds, used in many countries as short term investment vehicle. Moneta for SAP’s functions include a follow-up of realized and unrealized profit and loss, and interest rate benchmarking.

Mass-changes to forecasts
Is a tool that enables a quick change of many forecasts in one go, for example to move the value date of open items back in one go, or to modify descriptions of forecasts. It is a great help to users that manage many forecasts.

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