Downturn Heralds the Return of ‘Old Fashioned’ Attitudes to Money

15 January 2009

Research published today by Monilink, the mobile money people that run the mobile banking services for some of the UK’s major banks, shows that the downturn in the economic climate has heralded a return to tried and trusted methods of money management.

The research, which was delivered in partnership with the Future Foundation, shows that over 60% of all Britons plan to watch their spending more closely during the economic downturn, with the same number of people also agreeing that people have become less careful about how they manage their money over the past few years. Perhaps most poignantly, a third of all Britons have now started budgeting for the first time ever, rising to over 40% of the 25-34 year old age group.

The general improvement in financial responsibility by consumers, is matched by a growing rejection of some of the more modern financial instruments. 85% of all Britons believe that we have become too reliant on credit over the past few years. While only 42% of consumers now trust services such as price comparison sites to honestly compare prices and give them the best deals.

However, two thirds of all Britons want to manage their money at all times, 24 hours a day and many are looking to the mobile phones and laptops to say better connected with their money. Over 70% of consumers say that digital means helps them run their budget more efficiently, with well over half of all people saying they would like their bank to offer them more technology tools that make banking more convenient.

John Milliken, managing director of Monilink commented: “It remains to be seen if the downturn has really stimulated a permanent change in our attitude to credit and other services. However, it does appear that the appetite for self service financial management tools, such as online and mobile banking is likely to be a permanent shift, as people get more and more used to having an ‘always on’ connection to their money.”

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