Asset Control’s AC Plus Desktop Enhanced for Price Discovery and Valuation

New York, NY - 3 August 2009

Asset Control, a world-wide leader in financial data management solutions, has enhanced its AC Plus Desktop data cleansing and enrichment product to help financial institutions gain transparency into market valuation construction for both liquid and illiquid instruments. AC Plus Desktop 3.1 helps to give firms the control and transparency they require as part of their pricing process to accurately report market valuation.

Increased levels of suspect data and rapid movement in pricing data due to volatile markets adds strain to pricing models, making it difficult for valuation departments to identify and correct valuation irregularities, as well as meet service level agreements for distributing consistent data within agreed timeframes. AC Plus Desktop 3.1 addresses these challenges by providing real-time reporting on accurate reference and pricing data on a single platform, and the flexibility to work with data in a manner that best suits the needs of the firm. It provides support at every stage of data cleansing, making it easy to browse, search and validate both reference and time-series data quickly. AC Plus Desktop 3.1 helps valuation departments and data cleansers to:
•Immediately identify time-sensitive items requiring attention
•See results of changes instantaneously, without rerunning reports or processes
•Quickly search for instruments and related data to resolve valuation issues
•Display results and information in an intuitive and customizable manner
•Quickly and easily review, correct and validate data individually or in bulk
•Support appropriate controls and workflows over data access, edit and approval

Phil Lynch, Asset Control’s president and chief executive officer, said, “Accurate instrument valuation is imperative for financial institutions to generate the proper reporting, risk analysis, portfolio modeling and attribution analysis, while meeting higher investor, shareholder and regulatory standards for pricing transparency. This latest version of AC Plus Desktop provides firms with a single tool and process for analyzing and cleansing instrument definition and pricing data, and alleviates the tedious reviewing of code, spreadsheets, reports and source files to trace data changes. From acquisition to consumption, AC Plus Desktop helps to increase productivity while ensuring more consistent, validated and consistent data.”

AC Plus Desktop enhances the speed and operational efficiency of cleansing, enriching and managing the flow of financial data within financial institutions’ mission critical systems. As a front-end for Asset Control’s AC Plus financial and reference data management software solution, AC Plus Desktop helps to ensure data is accurate, complete, consistent, and rapidly made available to downstream portfolio management, trading, compliance, risk, and other financial management applications. AC Plus Desktop was designed to support full cleansing and validation workflows for differing organizational requirements, and displays full transparency on the data’s origination and change history during processing.

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