Chi-Tech’s MarketPrizm Unit to Launch New High Speed Network and Optimized Services Platform for European Trading

London - 14 August 2009

Chi-X Global Technology, LLC (“Chi-Tech™”), the technology services unit of Chi-X Global Inc., today announced that its MarketPrizm business will launch a new ultra low-latency network to provide trading firms with a “one-stop” platform for electronic trading in the European markets, including neutral multi-venue access and a range of services. The new enabling architecture is being marketed under the flagship brand name, MarketPrizm.

The changing European market landscape has required firms to enhance and often completely replace their trading technology infrastructure in order to access centers of liquidity in the region, process low latency market data, manage real-time risk and flexibly support changing business models. This infrastructure challenge has rapidly driven up the cost of trading and operations in the region.

MarketPrizm is a European trading ecosystem designed to solve the challenges firms face in deploying and maintaining a flexible, state-of-the-art architecture for all types of electronic trading. Powered by an optimized dark fiber network linking 19 markets, which the company has branded PrizmNet™, MarketPrizm provides completely neutral access to the region’s market centers. It also offers a fully redundant co-location and proximity hosting infrastructure, a range of application services, and ultra low-latency market data delivered via a 10Gbps logical mesh network structure.

The service’s connectivity options and component applications are delivered via a completely open, neutral framework that empowers clients to select the precise solution that meets their business and technology requirements. This open delivery framework also enables the company to provide components that fit into and enhance a client’s existing technology stack.

Through its preferred suppliers, MarketPrizm provides several application services options, including pre- and post-trade risk management, order gateways, multi-venue market data acquisition, latency measurement and smart order routing.

The connectivity infrastructure that powers MarketPrizm is being provided by euNetworks Group Limited, Europe’s foremost provider of mission-critical, high performance networking solutions.

“We are offering unparalleled flexibility and a fully-managed connectivity and application services suite that removes the technology and cost barriers to algo and high frequency trading in the UK and Europe,” said Nicolas Levy, MarketPrizm’s Managing Director. “MarketPrizm offers a truly one-stop solution and represents a dramatic expansion of the service options now available to trading firms.”

“We have been working closely with the MarketPrizm team to design a bespoke, ultra-low latency network connectivity solution to power the MarketPrizm ecosystem,” said Brady Rafuse, CEO of euNetworks. “We look forward to continuing to work together and using our state-of-the-art networking capability to revolutionize trading in Europe.”

MarketPrizm is a business line of Chi-Tech, a leading provider of trading infrastructure solutions to global market centers and participants.

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