AccuSoft Announces Availability of ImageGear Version 16 Imaging Development Toolkits

29 September 2008

AccuSoft® Corporation, the leading provider of imaging development toolkits, today announced that version 16 of its widely-used ImageGear® imaging Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) are shipping. The new releases of ImageGear Professional, ImageGear Medical, ImageGear for .NET, and ImageGear for .NET Compact Framework offer software developers many new features to build advanced imaging applications with unparalleled ease and speed for a wide range of platforms and industries. Highlights of the new releases include support for AJAX, comprehensive new photo enhancement and special effects, and support for more than 100 additional digital camera RAW formats. The new releases also feature the ability to view, edit, and convert 3D PDFs and Universal 3D Images (U3D), support for DWF, XPS, and Adobe PSB file formats, and new PDF-A and PDF-X verifiers.

The debut of ImageGear version 16 extends AccuSoft's 20+ year history of innovation and leadership in the imaging market. With support for over 100 image formats and the industry's fastest code -- backed by the AccuSoft Image Guarantee -- ImageGear toolkits are the global standard for imaging development. Details of the new features include:

• AJAX support. Allows developers to build efficient Web applications using the ImageGear for .NET toolkit. Integrated with ASP.NET AJAX, it provides for optimized page updates minimizing the amount of data sent and creating desktop-like experience on the Web.
• 3D PDF & U3D Support. ImageGear now includes native support for the U3D format, allowing users to apply the full power of the ImageGear vector API to load, edit, display, and save 3D drawings. Building upon industry-leading PDF support from Adobe, it extends it with 3D capabilities by supporting U3D-based 3D PDF format.
• XPS (XML Paper Specification) File Format Support. ImageGear version 16 provides comprehensive support for XPS documents, including the ability to display, edit content, and access meta-data.
• New PDF-A and PDF-X Verifiers. Easy-to-use verification API tests PDF files for PDF-A/X compliancy, providing developers building archiving/pre-press applications with the detailed report.
• Support for 100+ Additional Digital Camera RAW Formats. Developers building imaging applications can rest assured that they’ll support a wide range (nearly 200) of digital camera RAW formats.
• Additional ImageCleanTM Functions. Allows users of imaging applications built using ImageGear to improve the quality of documents with new functions including hole punch removal, line removal, erode, and dilate.
• New Photo Enhancement Effects. Allows users of imaging applications built using ImageGear to add artistic effects to their photos, including Aging, Duotone, Glow, Impressionist and Sketch.
• DWF File Format Support. Provides users with improved CAD interoperability.

“Our ImageGear version 16 products represent the most reliable .NET, ActiveX, and DLL imaging SDKs available for building next-generation applications for a diverse range of industries,” said Tom Leone, president, AccuSoft Corporation. “We are extremely proud of our newest releases and are grateful for the many customers and technology partners who provided their valuable input during the development process.”

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