SoftModule Brings High-Performance Grid Computing Capabilities to Tervela Advantage Partner Program

22 September 2008

Tervela, the leading provider of high-performance, low-latency messaging systems, today announced that SoftModule, an innovative provider of enterprise-class grid computing solutions, has joined the Tervela Advantage Partner Program (TAPP). The companies will be working together to provide a high-performance GridSwitch computing solution that leverages the Tervela Message Networkâ„¢ to effectively meet the demanding requirements for large-scale grid computing platforms.

The contemporary financial services trading lifecycle requires the intense, large-scale computational resources more frequently being provided by grid computing platforms. While high-performance, dynamic services such as real-time in-order-flow risk calculations are ideally suited to grid, they are restricted by scheduling capabilities and the limitations of the data and network fabrics. A hardware-accelerated, high-performance, scalable messaging system not only overcomes fabric provisioning challenges, but also radically alters the scheduling component to deliver faster utilization and response times.

“SoftModule brings heavy-duty grid computing capabilities to our TAPP ecosystem of integrated solutions,” said Bob Cramer, CEO of Tervela. “Our relationship will enable financial services firms to drive market advantage by overcoming the operational inefficiencies and continuity constraints of large-scale grid computing environments through our hardware-accelerated messaging platform.”

The GridSwitch solution combines SoftModule‘s distributed computing infrastructure with Tervela’s message network to increase network scalability and eliminate performance bottlenecks in both the data fabric and scheduling process. This enhances system elements like job branching, restart and intra-run analytics while improving security, processing speed and availability – three crucial factors of successful large-scale grid implementations.

“SoftModule and Tervela are collaborating to help financial institutions achieve dramatic improvements in application performance, resource utilization and data messaging speeds,” said Art Sedighi, CTO and Founder of SoftModule. “The integrated GridSwitch solution will allow customers to optimally run and manage compute-intensive applications across thousands of CPUs through a distributed architecture that uses dynamic resource allocation techniques built on high-performance, low-latency messaging.”

“The benefits of combining grid computing with hardware-based messaging middleware present a much needed opportunity that has yet to be adequately exploited,” said Larry Cohen, Founder and CEO, Accelerated Computing Solutions. “Tervela and SoftModule realize how leveraging this powerful combination will transform the data center for both grid computing and the entire transaction lifecycle.”

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