Thomson Reuters Unveils New Enhancements to its Enterprise Risk Management System

15 September 2008

Thomson Reuters released new enhancements to its proven enterprise-wide risk management system Kondor Global Risk, version 3.5. The new enhancements were unveiled at SIBOS 2008, taking place in Vienna this week, and allow financial institutions to effectively manage and control their real-time credit risk, market risk exposures and limits.

Kondor Global Risk (KGR) version 3.5 includes new, powerful modules and features, including a distributed enterprise risk architecture that allows any financial institution to manage their risks across disparate front-office systems. KGR 3.5’s scalable architecture is suitable for both single-sites and global institutions, offering the ability to process large numbers of computations and monitor risk in real-time.

The latest version of KGR allows financial institutions to compute intraday value at risk (VaR -historical simulation or parametric) with key indicators such as component, marginal and incremental VaR. Its flexible reporting tool allows risk measures to be dissected to the lowest levels and also includes a complete limit management system. The new compliance modules help to manage Basel II and potential future exposure (PFE) calculations.

Kondor Global Risk allows financial institutions to easily adapt to new trading desk requirements by covering all types of instruments, including complex derivatives. For example, structured products designed by quantitative analysts can realistically be integrated in limits and VaR calculations within the same day. KGR’s data orchestration engine provides the critical infrastructure that integrates a bank or institution’s multiple systems involved in daily risk reporting, ensuring that critical data assets are gathered, validated and normalized to provide accurate pricing and reporting of market and credit risk globally through the organization.

Andrew White, Global Head of Risk Management, Thomson Reuters, commented: “The key issue facing banks today is the delivery of the enterprise-wide corporate intelligence needed to manage risks across business units, geographies and product types. The latest version of KGR provides a unique proven distributed architecture that allows banks to meet regulatory requirements while getting a complete view of credit and market risks across their business globally.”

KGR 3.5 integrates seamlessly with Kondor+ or any third-party position keeping system providing the ability to consolidate credit, market and limit information while managing the data in real-time across all instrument types.

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