Logica All Payments Solution High Volume running live for SEPA

15 September 2008

Logica, a leading IT and business services company, has consolidated its position as the leading supplier of payments processing solutions, with the live deployment of its retail payments solution, the Logica All Payments Solution (LAPS) High Volume. The deployment supports over ten countries and multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms (including Equens for domestic NL payments, SEPA via the EBA, and a range of bilateral agreements) in a single instance.

The deployment went live on day one of SEPA and has been running smoothly since then. The leading private provider of euro clearing services, EBA CLEARING, has certified Logica’s LAPS High Volume for support of the EBA’s STEP2 SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) and SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) services.

The LAPS High Volume solution can process up to 480 million payments within 24 hours. With this level of scalability, the proven ability to handle multiple national payment schemes, and Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) compliance, LAPS High Volume meets the challenge of retail payments processing for the largest banks and credit institutions.

LAPS High Volume needed only eight hours to process 160 million transactions at a sustained rate of 5,555 transactions per second – which equates to 20 million payments per hour or 480 million in 24 hours.

Volume tests were carried out at IBM centres in Prague and Montpellier where LAPS High Volume achieved extremely high performance throughput. The benchmark system was based on a live deployment of the software, configured to support the processing requirements of a specific payments territory. The system was set up to process numerous, mixed files of transactions (CTs and DDs) and the tests were repeated with systematic increases in the volumes of data. Hardware utilisation was monitored at each stage. The results exceeded the initial ambitious targets, and the hardware monitoring showed linear scalability.

In addition to the standard benefits of superior performance, multi-bank, multi-country, multi-entity, multi-currency support, LAPS High Volume offers the following:

• Proven software: LAPS High Volume is implemented at several locations throughout Europe for high volume processing, and is live. With LAPS High Volume, banks can have the comfort that this component already has proven capability to process large volumes of bulk payments.
• Support for current schemes: LAPS High Volume supports existing national Credit Transfer and Direct Debit schemes as well as BIC and IBAN in many European countries.
• SEPA scheme compliancy: LAPS High Volume is SEPA compliant for SCT, SDD and the R-series messages now, making it a proven and stable environment for a bank’s SEPA mass payment processing.
• Mandate management: LAPS High Volume has supported the SEPA mandate schemes (B2B and C2B) since the initial deployment of our SEPA component and is currently being upgraded to support the latest rulebooks [1].
• Clearing and Settlement support: LAPS High Volume already interfaces to a number of Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (CSMs) in Europe including, for SEPA, EBA STEP 2 (a PE-ACH) and bi-lateral arrangements and does so in a single instance of the system.
• Routing support: LAPS High Volume provides routing mechanisms that allow the appropriate CSM to be chosen for an individual transaction, distinguishing between in-house, ACH/PE-ACH and bi-lateral routes and accounting for the transactions appropriately.
• Anti-money laundering: LAPS High Volume currently supports an interface to watch list filtering systems.
• Accounting: LAPS High Volume supports connectivity to a range of back end ledger and accounting systems.
• Faster time to market: the pedigree of LAPS High Volume means that an institution can be operationally ready for SEPA Direct Debits with more time to concentrate on the wider business issues.
• Not just for SEPA: the generic design of LAPS High Volume and its incorporation of the latest standards including ISO 20022 provides a sound and proven platform for extending mass payment processing to a wide range of national and international clearing and settlement mechanisms and schemes.

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