DST International uses technological edge for recruitment

4 November 2008

DST International (DSTi), a leading provider of services and solutions to the banking, insurance and investment industries, today announced the next step in a long-running project to harness local talent in the Asia region.

For the last three years, DSTi has been recruiting an ever growing number of graduates out of Thailand’s top universities. This year DSTi introduced an innovative online interview and application process. Using the latest video conferencing and cloud computing technologies, DSTi’s Human Resources Team are able to hold interviews with likely candidates from any location across Thailand.

DSTi Human Resources spokesperson Ms. Anchalee Growse spoke about the project: “The benefit of online selection is that interviews can take place without the candidate having to take a leave of absence from their studies to travel to Bangkok. In addition to interviews, the HR team can test graduates in online code writing collaboration projects or aptitude testing.”

As all aspects are done through a digital medium, the results are viewed through a wide array of filters, for example:

• How well did they score in their tests?

• How quickly do they master new technologies?

• How well do they work with others?

• Do they have the ability to handle pressure?

• Are they just a skilled programmer, or are they innovative and willing to try new solutions?

Speaking about DSTi’s strong focus on attracting the best and brightest personnel, Ms. Anchalee Growse said, “Over the last 6 years, DSTi’s Bangkok Offshoring Centre has grown from 30 staff to over 800. Many of these staff have areas of very specific technical expertise, like programming and software design skills. With a growing demand for these skills globally, it has become increasingly important for DSTi to pursue alternate avenues for the recruitment of these skilled individuals. In Thailand, we have a well deserved reputation as an innovative and forward thinking company. With these job seekers coming from all across Thailand, and a majority coming from its most prestigious universities, it has become imperative for DSTi to provide an opportunity for graduates to pursue openings with us, without having to travel half way across the country to do so.”

Ms. Anchalee Growse continued: “We can take this data and model it, or forward it to another DSTi office for comparison. Other DSTi technology specialists can be linked in from DSTi offices across the globe, as required. DSTi is using technology to find the best technologists, not just programmers. We think the difference between the two is invaluable.”

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