RCP launches latest Conversation Analysis to reduce Back Office Risk

3 November 2008

RCP has launched the latest version of RCP Conversation Analysis. RCP Conversation Analysis reduces risk in the FX Back Office by automatically identifying Reuters Dealing conversations that contain trades or trade details missing from the in-house Treasury System, whether due to a system fault or human error.

This latest version has been improved to highlight conversations containing corrections to trade details, as well as enhancing its already exceptional accuracy in identifying missed trades.

Part of the RCP Suite of Post Trade Solutions, Conversation Analysis is already well-established within a number of major banks. With a strong user base, the module is continually updated to handle new trading styles and instruments and new releases are then made available to all users. Each release is tested on hundreds of thousands of real deals to ensure that accuracy is maintained.

RCP’s experience in developing Reuters Dealing 3000, 2000 and RDL helped us to understand the best way to analyse Reuters conversations, and RCP Conversation Analysis is the result of over 10 years of expert development.

Another factor that enables RCP Conversation Analysis to achieve its exceptional accuracy is because it uses a standard programming language. This means that there are no limits to the complexity of the underlying algorithm. This is important as the flexibility of the logical language used to write any conversational analysis application is the main limitation on achievable accuracy.

Graham Richards, Managing Director of RCP, said “Reducing risk in the Back Office is a high priority for banks. RCP Conversation Analysis offers them a cost effective way to achieve this.”

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