Gladiator Technology Announces Security Awareness Training Program For Financial Institutions' BODs

21 November 2008

Gladiator Technology, the ProfitStars® solution that operates as a managed security services provider (MSSP) exclusively for financial institutions nationwide, today announced the release of its eSAT£ (Electronic Security Awareness Training) program enhancement designed exclusively for financial institutions’ boards of directors. Gladiator’s eSAT program was originally designed to help financial institutions comply with the provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) which require periodic information security training for bank personnel. The newest component of eSAT focuses specifically on training financial institutions’ board members on topics that have been recently scrutinized by examiners, and on the role of boards in compliance with the new Identity Theft Prevention Program guidelines imposed by FACT Act modifications.

According to Jackie Marshall, Gladiator’s director of IT regulatory compliance, “Our eSAT program has proven to be a valuable tool that makes it easier for our clients to comply with GLBA guidance, and provides an audit trail to ensure that bank personnel understand and accept their institution’s related policies and procedures. This new enhancement addresses the extension of the responsibility to protect non-public customer information beyond bank employees to include the board of directors. Because the board is ultimately responsible for the success of an institution’s Information Security Program and Identity Theft Prevention Program, board members must have the knowledge to fulfill their responsibility to proactively protect customers’ confidential information and ultimately the bank’s reputation.”

Danny Johnston, group president of Gladiator Technology, added, “Financial institutions should now ensure that their boards – just like front-line and operations employees – are fully and regularly trained to protect non-public information, at least annually. This training should be specialized for its board members’ roles and help ensure members understand the tangible and intangible risks associated with handling highly sensitive customer information. To that end, we have tailored our eSAT Board of Directors Training to emphasize the vital role board members have in adequately safeguarding non-public information.

Compliance with the Identity Theft Prevention Program mandated by modifications to the FACT Act was required by November 1, 2008. Gladiator’s eSAT program has also been recently expanded with the content required to train all financial institution employees to comply with these identity theft “red flag” provisions.

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