Foreign Exchange Traders Profit from Immediate Mobile Alerts via Clickatell SMS

19 November 2008

Clickatell, leading global mobile messaging provider for financial institutions, and FX trading company Easy-Forex® today announced that SMS alerts are providing foreign exchange traders up-to-the-minute information – including foreign exchange rate alerts, limit order status, deal closure notifications, and more. In any FX market, currency exchange rates and deal status fluctuate throughout the day, and traders must be aware and stay informed at all times in order to make smart trading decisions. With easy to use SMS, traders break the chains tying them to their PCs and landline phones and are free to conduct trades using real-time mobile information anytime, anywhere.

“In today’s volatile financial markets where one minute can make the difference between millions gained or lost, traders require instant and accurate information to respond immediately. SMS is the perfect solution because it’s easy to use and traders can get critical information instantly on their mobile phone wherever they go,” commented Pieter de Villiers, CEO of Clickatell. “Our global coverage delivers messages to over 700 networks in more than 200 countries, ensuring that customers like Easy-Forex can enable their traders to truly benefit from an anywhere, anytime solution. Together, we’re taking advantage of today’s volatile FX markets with the power of instant SMS messaging by enabling traders to stay informed and take full advantage of rapidly changing market conditions.”

Traditionally, many foreign exchange traders access market rate information, limit order and deal status updates through PCs, laptops and landline phones. While in the office or at their desk, these methods work fine, but not so when traders are in meetings, away from their desk, on the road, or while multi-tasking. With the rise in volatility of exchange rates occurring across global markets, it is no longer sufficient for FX traders to respond to changing market conditions only when they are tethered to their desktop/landline. Since nearly everyone carries a cell phone with them, now is the opportune time to capitalize on up-to-the-minute FX trading opportunities - anytime, anywhere - which require mobile messaging alerts and notifications.

“When Easy-Forex® looked for a mobile messaging partner to help communicate with our growing international client base and manage our messaging challenges in the dynamic trading environment, Clickatell’s reliability, global reputation and easy to use platform made them the obvious choice. In our three years as a Clickatell customer, our SMS Alert Service adoption rate has increased by 30% year over year. We send over 100,000 messages per month and are very happy with Clickatell,” commented Michael Konnaris, Group Chief Dealer at Easy-Forex®.

Easy-Forex operates in over 150 countries and provides an online currency trading platform for Forex traders of all levels. SMS keeps these traders informed about current deals and alerts them to specific market rate fluctuations, trading deal status and more.

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