Gigamon Announces Browser Based GUI For Data Access Network Management

14 November 2008

Gigamon, the leading provider of intelligent data access networking products, the core of out-of-band DAN ( Data Access Networking) deployment, today announced a new Web-based GUI to simplify the management of Data Access Networks. The GUI (Graphical User Interface), slated for release in early 2009, can be used to provide an intuitive option to command line interface to configure and manage Gigamon’s GigaVUE data access switches, bringing even greater convenience and effectiveness to the business of operating Data Access Networks.

Gigamon’s DAN switching platform has helped reshape the network monitoring landscape thanks to its ability to solve tool deployment problems, consolidate otherwise distributed tools, and enable co-existence of a variety of network monitoring tools. The DAN concept, pioneered by Gigamon, provides exactly the packets needed to carry out a tool’s function, without impacting network operations and reduces the capital and operational cost in monitoring, securing or troubleshooting networks and network applications.

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Mapping SPAN ports or TAPs to connected monitoring tools will be a visual, drag-and-drop function of the new, secure GigaVUE GUI. Intelligent configuration planning aids will warn the administrator if a monitoring tool will be potentially overloaded with traffic as a result of the aggregation, or assist in defining simple or complex filters (including filtering by higher layer attributes) and insure that security protocols are followed to protect sensitive data.

“Our customers advised us to focus on GigaVUE’s performance, features and utility first, in favor of working on drag and drop management.” said Tom Gallatin, Gigamon’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “We listened and put development of the world class meat and potatoes functions before the GUI sauce.” Gallatin continued, “Now after completing the development of the GigaVUE-2404 high density 10 Gigabit platform, it is time to top it off with a world class GUI DAN Management tool.”

Gigamon’s upcoming optional web based GUI will be available in addition to the GigaVUE’s existing command line interface. Other features of the Web-based GUI will include:

• Single view DAN configuration management

• DAN performance monitoring

• Intelligent aggregation of multiple SPAN or TAP sources to consolidate tools

• Intelligent packet replication to enable sharing data sources

• Advanced filter creation and load balancing

• Secure access to sensitive data

• SNMP traps and alarms

• TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication

Award-Winning Solution

Gigamon’s DAN technology has earned the Emerging Technology of the Year award in the world monitoring market from Frost & Sullivan. Over 1,750 GigaVUE units are already in use in 36 countries at over 400 telecom, industrial, manufacturing, financial, banking, medical, utility and government networks.

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