Infinancials launches GPRV for Investment Professionals

22 May 2008

Infinancials launches today GPRV, a revolutionary solution for wealth management professionals allowing them to instantly assess the attractiveness of a stock investment. This invention, which is in the process of being patented, is the result of a close collaboration between Infinancials, its distribution partners – primarily real time data vendors – and their private banking customers.

In today’s hectic markets, wealth management firms face unprecedented conditions, making equity investment a tough job. Moreover, they must provide more sophisticated advice and better reporting to gain the trust they need to serve their wealthy clients. Yet the mass of data available has never been so large, and the difficulty is more to identify the critical information for making good buy and sell decisions.

With GPRV, introduced as a breakthrough in equity analysis, firms will be able to visually assess stocks in a single mouse click according to their Growth, Profitability, Risk, and Value profile. GPRV will be available through most products of the Corporatefocus Suite.

Since April, several hundred users have participated in a beta program on GPRV and have confirmed that this innovative tool gives them a competitive edge when dealing with their clients. “This is an excellent innovation – it’s comprehensive, easy to read and understand, and most of all gives a very good overview of companies in one glance” says Sebastien Faijean, IDMidCaps Managing Director in Paris. Antoine Lakah, LM Capital in Blonay, Switzerland adds: “I really benefit from this application by using the graphs to support investment recommendations. It is a real value-add and increases efficiency in my day to day work“.

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