Thomson Reuters Delivers Market Information and News to Windows Mobile Devices

London - 21 July 2008

Thomson Reuters today announced that financial professionals can now access time critical market information, economic data and news on their Windows Mobile devices. Providing access to such vital information in real-time will enable Thomson Reuters financial professionals to take advantage of more opportunities for customers, by ensuring they are kept immediately up to date with market news and movements.

The extension of the service to Windows Mobile devices allows Thomson Reuters to broaden its wireless service to a much wider customer-base. Windows Mobile devices are a trusted part of the corporate ecosystem with their advanced security features, manageability and scalability. This corporate use combined with an open development platform, makes Windows Mobile an ideal partner for Thomson Reuters’ mobile data application.

Today’s announcement will allow Thomson Reuters financial professionals using Windows Mobile phones to have immediate access to the latest market information such as stock quotes, breaking news, alerts and personal market monitors, from virtually anywhere. The Reuters Wireless Delivery Service can be easily integrated into the customer’s existing Reuters Market Data System, extending the value of all the available data sources being consumed by the enterprise market data platform.

“Financial market professionals, more than others, value the importance of accessing time critical market information, anytime, anywhere,” said, Iain Scott, Enterprise Product Manager, Thomson Reuters. “The new Thomson Reuters financial information service on Windows Mobile brings our customers around the world the ability to access world class information on a leading mobile platform.”

“In today’s financial markets, it’s vital for professionals to have access to the latest information anytime, anywhere and on any device,” says David Vander, General Manager, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft. “Providing timely, secure and accurate information to its teams, wherever they are, and on their preferred device, will allow Thomson Reuters professionals to better service their customers and drive new efficiencies in their portfolios.”

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