Kaplan Compliance Solutions Adds New Complaints Tracking Feature to CMS G2™

4 December 2008

Kaplan Compliance Solutions, a leading provider of services and technology solutions for the insurance and securities industries, today announced a complaints tracking mechanism that helps securities broker/dealers follow required procedures once they become aware of a complaint.

The Complaints Module is part of Compliance Management System Generation 2™ (CMS G2™), Kaplan Compliance Solutions' end-to-end compliance automation solution. The new module is designed to allow timely and accurate reporting of complaints to FINRA® to remain compliant with FINRA rule 3070(c) and NYSE rule 351(d).

This solution allows broker/dealer firms to easily initiate and manage complaints all from one interface. Features include the ability to update complaint statuses, group related complaints, and track related complaint documents. The Complaints Alerts feature flags incomplete entries and ensures that data is reported in a timely manner.

The module also includes robust reporting capabilities including reports on complaint activity, disclosure activity, complaint actions due, complaint trends, complaints by products/problems and complaints by representative.

“Broker/dealers are required to follow specific procedures when they become aware of a complaint,” says Zach McCoy, Vice President, Operations and Business Development at Kaplan Compliance Solutions. “Kaplan’s Complaints Module is a partner in this compliance process, ensuring easy tracking of complaints and timely and accurate filing of reports.”

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