SpryWare integrates Quote Mitigation Technology (QMT) into core product line

2 December 2008

SpryWare a pioneer in the field of low-latency, standardized market data delivery, has released its new Quote Mitigation Technology (QMT), to manage bandwidth and CPU resources in an exploding market data volume environment. QMT is now a standard, integrated feature in SpryWare’s flagship product, the Market Information Server™ (MIS). QMT integrates seamlessly into the MIS, allowing for mixed environment of ultra low latency clients, along with clients looking for predictable market data traffic. QMT is implemented using configurable, deterministic time based conflation, giving each individual user connected to a MIS full control over the update interval.

“Customers want the best of both worlds, ultra low-latency market data for algorithmic trading engines that require every market data event, to a manageable flow of real-time data. For example, a risk management application can provide up to the second information, without the need for up to the microsecond market data” says Daniel May, Director of SpryWare. “QMT allows our customers to leverage their existing SpryWare installation and network infrastructure, with a simple software upgrade.”

Ultra Low Latency market data is SpryWare’s main focus, providing full data feeds with extremely high throughput. QMT is a nice alternative which addresses the demand for real-time data for customers with less bandwidth. Not every customer needs every single quote for example. The Quote Mitigation Technology was released with the latest server version of MIS™ and is an optional configuration on the customer side.

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