Fidelity National Information Services and Microsoft Announce Availability of MSN Money Financial News on Client Web Sites

2 December 2008

Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (FIS), a global leader in processing and technology solutions for financial institutions and Microsoft Corp., a worldwide leader in software, services and solutions, today announced today announced an agreement to make up-to-date financial news from MSN Money available on client Web sites.

Under terms of the agreement - the first of its kind between Microsoft and a financial services technology provider - client financial institutions utilizing FIS' Web-hosting services will have an opportunity to subscribe to four MSN Money authors, providing the institutions' customers with current financial news, commentary and advice.

By making this relevant financial news available, FIS and Microsoft are innovatively driving activity to the financial institution's Web site - enabling these clients to provide their customers with information needed to weather the turbulent economic conditions while serving as a trusted source of up-to-date financial news. Consequently, financial institutions anticipate that the increased time spent by customers reviewing financial news on their Web site will result in increased usage of the online banking channel and other online financial services.

MSN Money is a top-rated site for financial services information and a trusted, comprehensive source for personal financial management. The MSN Money financial news available to client institutions includes: Market Commentary, by Jim Jubak; Stock Tips, by Jon Markman; The Women in Red, by M.P. Dunleavey; and Your Money, by Liz Pulliam Weston. A short synopsis of each of the authors' commentaries will be presented, with the entire article available for viewing with just a click of the mouse.

"The provision of timely and vital financial news is a valuable information resource to the financial online community," said Chris Jolley, group manager for the Financial Products Group at Microsoft. "As banking customers grow increasingly savvy in seeking out financial information and controlling their financial destiny, Microsoft and FIS teaming to provide this up-to-date financial news is a particularly innovative way to provide this valuable service."

"With the growth of online banking services, financial institutions have a compelling reason to offer this valuable service to their customers," said Anthony Jabbour, executive vice president for FIS Core Processing and eBanking. "By providing this timely and vital financial information, banking customers can increasingly rely on an institution's online service offerings as trusted, centralized sources to manage personal finances. We're happy to collaborate with Microsoft in offering this exciting new chapter in the integration of banking, Web technology and financial news."

"Microsoft and FIS remain committed to helping banking customers meet the unprecedented challenges of these uncertain times," said David J. Vander, managing director, Banking, Financial Services Group, Microsoft. "Our MSN Money offering and FIS' online banking services backed by Microsoft technology are great examples of the solutions financial institutions need today to take customer relationships deeper and to quickly adapt to new customer needs. With this solution, FIS and Microsoft are helping banks to build stronger customer relationships, create greater customer intimacy and boost customer loyalty, while banking customers benefit from the flexibility and convenience of online banking and financial services as part of their overall connected experience."

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