NYFIX Marketplace Provides Members with Greater Access to Japanese Liquidity via Metabit Partnership

New York and Tokyo - 4 August 2008

NYFIX, Inc. (Nasdaq: NYFX), a trusted provider of innovative solutions that optimize trading efficiency, and MetaBit, a Tokyo based FIX connectivity provider, today announced their new partnership agreement. NYFIX has added MetaBit’s MLH™ (Market Liquidity Hub) to the NYFIX Marketplace, giving Marketplace members efficient access to an increased number of Japanese brokers and regional exchanges. MetaBit’s MLH clients will benefit from membership with the NYFIX Marketplace, one of the leading fully-managed, FIX-based trading communities in the world, gaining the ability to efficiently trade with more than 400 buy-side and 475 sell-side firms who are currently members.

Bob Moitoso, Global Head of the FIX Division at NYFIX comments: “We are on a mission to provide members of the NYFIX Marketplace with the broadest range of electronic trading services and global liquidity sources possible. By partnering with MetaBit we’ve been able to accelerate our reach into the Japanese markets and satisfy our members’ request for access to brokers and exchanges in the region. We look forward to working with MetaBit to continually provide our buy-side and sell-side members with enhanced solutions and opportunities for more efficient electronic trading.”

Daniel Burgin, CEO, MetaBit adds: “Today’s firms need extended connectivity to gain traction in global markets. The NYFIX Marketplace offers MetaBit’s clients a great platform to international markets. This partnership supports a natural progression for our FIX network and allows our clients to gain seamless access to one of the world’s largest FIX enabled trading communities.”

Claus Kwon, Business Development Director for NYFIX Japan, comments: “NYFIX is committed to expanding its Japanese client base and supporting the unique requirements of our local clients. Not only does this partnership provide global reach and seamless access to a variety of trading tools and services, via the NYFIX Marketplace, it also creates a powerful local community for our clients in Japan, enabling more sophisticated trading.”

The NYFIX Marketplace is a neutral, flexible, and fully managed electronic trading solution that is supported by the industry’s most experienced FIX specialists. Solution components include FIX order routing, IOIs, certification, version translation, and extensive training and educational programs. Members of the NYFIX Marketplace benefit from access to a wide range of liquidity sources, lower trading costs, and speed-to-market with new trading counterparties and services.

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