ProTrak International Announces a Major New CRM Release

19 August 2008

ProTrak International today announced a new upgrade to their popular CRM platform, ProTrak Advantage CRM Enterprise 5.0, that is available now and is being distributed to existing clients.

Some of the major enhancements included are:

- Clients may now completely customize the look and feel of their ProTrak screens. The ProTrak client Administrator can add new user defined data fields, including look-up lists, numeric, text and memo fields. In addition, fields may be removed and / or the entire screen layout re-arranged.

- The new Fund Detail option for the Manager profiles lets users capture critical data on the funds they are tracking, including fund structure, fees, redemption parameters and risk measures. The new Fund Detail profile also includes the Mail Distribution, Relationship Associations and Activity / Follow-up tracking features that are available with all of the other screens.

- The Sales Opportunity Pipeline has been extended to allow automatic creation or updating of multiple opportunities from a single Activity Note.

- The e-mail import functionality has been extended to let users easily map e-mail attachments into their own internal document management structure, and, if e-mails sent from ProTrak are modified in Outlook, the changes, along with the e-mail header are automatically written back into the ProTrak e-mail Activity.

- Users can now associate Activities and Follow-ups directly to client investment accounts and / or the manager funds they are tracking. With this enhancement, ProTrak users can now identify all of the Activity touch points that are relevant to a specific account or fund by using ProTrak's built-in "one-click" filters.

- A number of new pre-formatted reports and graphs have been added in ProTrak Advantage 5.0. Examples include asset-related reports (assets by product, region and investor type), account holdings (ERISA holdings and account / share class holdings by fund) and pipeline opportunity reports (opportunities by product / fund, region and salesrep).

- The Account Holdings and Transaction History module has been greatly enhanced to include historical holdings, many new fields for tracking accounting system data and additional import wizards for accounts and fund terms.

- In addition, the ProTrak 5.0 user interface includes several new, strategically placed. 1-click icons that will greatly improve user experience and ease-of-use.

"Advantage 5.0 is a major release”, said Simon Koziel, ProTrak's President. “It includes over 75 enhancements that greatly increase user functionality and ease-of-use. A major emphasis of our effort for this release has been the addition of new “tools” that give end users more control over their ProTrak desktop without requiring IT support." ProTrak Advantage is certainly the CRM solution of choice today for many of the world's top investment managers, hedge funds, fund-of-hedge funds and private equity firms.

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