UNX Unleashes New Tactical Trading Engine

13 August 2008

UNX today announced the release of a new tactical execution engine within its Advanced Market Access trading platform.
Constructed as an extensible environment, the new tactical engine greatly enhances UNX's ability to actively create low-latency, tactical components which are highly responsive to market conditions and closely positioned to the marketplace.

Established on the belief that detailed attention to market structure is at the core of any trading solution, the UNX platform breaks the black-box mold and puts control back into the hands of the trader. UNX established its reputation as market structure experts by specializing in tactical execution solutions for both the buy-side and the sell-side. The new tactical execution engine is the latest addition to the UNX platform, which implements a building-block approach to creating complex, adaptive and measureable solutions. This approach to execution combined with a functional approach to transaction analysis, is what differentiates UNX and its solutions within the marketplace.

"Our goal is to empower the trader with tools that allow him or her to build upon their talents and experience. These tools, the trader's very ideas, can then be used directly to interact with the markets or as building-blocks within complex order types or algorithms," explained Scott Harrison, President/CEO of UNX.

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